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TCS bans six employees in bribery scam


Tata Consultancy Services has barred six employees and six staffing firms involved in a bribe-for-jobs scam, with three more employees currently under investigation. 

Chairman N. Chandrasekaran informed shareholders at the annual general meeting that these employees had engaged in unethical conduct that favored certain firms.

However, the exact extent of the favors received remains unknown.

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TCS initiated the probe after receiving two whistleblower complaints, one in February and another in March. 

Both complaints alleged that certain staffers within the company were showing favoritism towards specific Business Associates (BAs). 

Chandrasekaran confirmed that the complaints were thoroughly investigated. 

A senior officer is conducting the internal investigation in India, while an external firm has been hired to conduct the inquiry in the US.

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Chandrasekaran said: “For a Tata Group company, the most important thing that is expected of every employee is an ethical conduct and integrity in operation, and that comes first ahead of any financial performance. 

“So, whenever there is a violation of ethical conduct by any employee, it pains us, pains me and all the leaders very deeply. 

“We take it extremely seriously and we will always take strong action.

TCS will review and strengthen its processes to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents. 

He noted that the company follows a rigorous recruitment and qualification process for a firm to be called a BA firm.

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TCS relies on BAs to assist in sourcing talent worldwide, employing approximately 1,000 search firms across 55 countries to address talent shortages. 

Previously, TCS had clarified that there was no fraud committed by or against the company, and there was no financial impact resulting from the bribery case.

Chandrasekaran also discussed the global economic landscape, highlighting various trends such as Artificial Intelligence, energy transition, supply chain management transformation, and the need for new skills and talent. 

He pointed out that these trends indicate significant investment and technology adoption by companies worldwide.

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