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TCS issues last warning to work from office

Tata consultancy services office located in Silicon Valley

TCS issues last warning to work from office

Tata Consultancy Services has decided to give its employees until the end of March to return to working from the office.

The company postpones the deadline by another quarter. 

COO NG Subramaniam told ET this extension is the ultimate notice to the staff, with consequences for those who do not adhere to the mandate. 

Subramaniam highlighted the critical nature of establishing a productive work environment and addressing security concerns as key factors driving this decision. 

Although TCS has been accommodating, the necessity for employees to transition back to office-based work is now being strongly emphasized. 

The company has issued its final notice to its employees, warning of repercussions for non-compliance. 

Subramaniam raised concerns about the security vulnerabilities associated with remote work.

It includes an elevated risk of cyberattacks and the challenges of enforcing robust security protocols in home environments. 

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TCS aims to rejuvenate its work culture to pre-pandemic norms, moving away from the hybrid work model introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

This model allowed for a mix of home and office work. 

The organization had previously said its intention to have a quarter of its workforce operate remotely by 2025 once the full return to office work is achieved.

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