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Lidl to hire 1,500 new warehouse staff in store expansion plan


Lidl has announced it is hiring 1,500 new warehouse staff, as it submitted plans for a 14th distribution centre.

Lidl has plans for a new site in Leeds, which, if approved, would add a further 400 roles to the recruitment drive.

The supermarket giant, along with its main discount rival Aldi, has been expanding its share of the UK grocery market for over a decade through new store openings.

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The company currently has more than 960 stores and aims to have over 1,100.

In recent times, the discounters have achieved record market shares, as value remains the focus for shoppers amid rising food inflation and the wider cost of living crisis.


According to Lidl, new recruits will earn a minimum of £11 an hour outside of London and £11.95 inside the M25.

The company said all new jobs would be permanent and include full and part-time positions, with pay increasing up to £12 and £13 with a length of service, depending on location.

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Chief executive of Lidl GB, Ryan McDonnell, to SkyNews, that: "Demand for Lidl has never been higher as more and more people realise they can make significant savings on every shop without compromising on quality.

"Our success is dependent on the amazing work that colleagues do and we're looking forward to welcoming thousands more throughout 2023."

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