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Asda Apologises For Payroll Error Leaving Staff Struggling

Asda superstore in Hartlepool, England

Asda has apologised to its staff after a payroll error left numerous hourly employees underpaid, causing significant distress among those affected. 

Despite efforts to rectify the glitch, which happened last week, meant several workers found themselves financially strained, struggling to meet essential payments like rent.

One employee said yesterday: “6 days in and my pay has still not been sorted it’s a disgrace!”

Another said: “Missing £827 from my wages. Rent direct debt has been declined. Management haven’t got a clue what to do. Surely this is illegal. 

“Cannot contact HR directly as have to go through store managers. I’m just going round in circles. 

“Angry, upset and ashamed at having to tell my landlord that I can’t pay my rent due to Asda not paying me!”

Additionally, a third mentioned a shortfall of £450 in their pay, complicated by a significant tax deduction on the anticipated correction.

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A spokesperson for the supermarket said: “While the majority of Asda’s 150,000 colleagues were paid correctly this month, we know there have been discrepancies for some hourly-paid colleagues.

“We sincerely apologise to those affected and want to reassure them we are proactively resolving this issue by making additional payments as soon as possible.”

The error, uncovered over the weekend, comes as Asda overhauls its IT systems as it transitions from its former parent, Walmart.

A company spokesperson said it had identified a “potential problem with holiday pay that could have resulted in a pay discrepancy for some hourly paid colleagues” after launching a new HR system.

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