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Asda chair rejects body cameras for staff despite rise in thefts

Asda supermarket

Asda chairman Lord Stuart Rose has said the company will not equip its staff with body cameras despite a surge in retail theft incidents. 

Speaking on LBC's Nick Ferrari at Breakfast, he said Asda didn’t have plans for universal use of body cameras.

He said: “I don’t really want to get to a world where… you sit down and everybody’s photographing everybody else for whatever action they take.”

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But he admitted: “We do have to be careful about how our staff are exposed to dangers.”

These statements follow Tesco CEO Ken Murphy's announcement his supermarket was providing body cameras to staff due to a rise in violent crimes.


Rose added: “We’ve become risk averse. It’s not seen as a crime. 

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“The police have got lots of other things to do, although Suella Brotherman now says that all crime will be investigated, so let’s see what happens.”

He continued: “I think the call made by the Chief Executive of Tesco the other day to raise this awareness, particularly with regard to staff safety, is very important. 

“So you know, I’m on your side. I’d like to see something done. Exactly what and how, that’s always the problem”.

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