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Getir to axe 2,500 jobs in five countries as competition increases

Getir Delivery Bicycle

Getir to axe 2,500 jobs in five countries amid increasing competition

Getir is cutting 2,500 jobs across its global operations, including in the UK and Germany.

It aims to enhance operational efficiency amid regulatory scrutiny and mounting competition from traditional supermarkets

The rapid grocery delivery app said the reductions affect 10 percent of its 23,000 workforce.

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This decision follows its recent withdrawal from markets including Italy, Spain, France, and Portugal.

Getir is known for its instant delivery from urban “dark stores,” where items are marked up in price compared to traditional supermarkets.

The Turkish firm has also faced speculation about its financial stability.

Rumors were swirling about the potential insolvency of its UK branch, although the company has refuted these claims. 

Last month, Getir auctioned off various equipment in the UK and closed several dark stores, asserting it as a routine inventory reduction.

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The current cuts affect couriers, pickers, and office personnel and are described by the company as a regrettable but necessary move.

UK operation uncertain

However, it remains uncertain whether this downsizing will impact the UK workforce, one of Getir’s largest markets. 

The company operates in multiple countries, including the US, Germany, the Netherlands, and its home country, Turkey.

While Getir thrived during the pandemic, the return of consumers to physical stores, coupled with mounting competition, has eroded its market position. 

Regulatory crackdowns in certain countries have also posed challenges.

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In France, Getir ceased operations and cut 1,300 jobs after dark stores were reclassified as warehouses.

Other delivery firms like Germany’s Flink also made similar decisions

There have been complaints about noise and the impact on public spaces concerning these dark stores.

It led to accusations of “predatory capitalistic behavior” by some authorities.

Getir said the decision to quit was “inevitable because of the difficult economic climate, a hostile regulatory environment and an absence of potential buyers”.

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