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Elon Musk scores win in Twitter court battle

A court gavel

Judge orders new trial for damages in Tesla worker's race bias lawsuit

Elon Musk will receive more of the Twitter records he requested as the court battle over his $44 billion takeover continues.

On Monday, August 15, Judge Kathleen St. Jude McCormick ordered the media platform to agree in part with Musk's attorneys' proposal to comply.

They wanted documents from 22 Twitter employees who claimed to have knowledge of the company's process for analyzing spam or "bot" accounts.


Twitter has already handed over data from 41 so-called "custodians" of information.

Musk's motion to get the additional information was lodged confidentially last week, which means it isn't on the court's docket.

His countersuit accusing the networking platform of a bogus "scheme" involving its user numbers and metrics is also not part of the docket.

Musk is now attempting to push Twitter to provide more details about its user data collection and analysis methods.

Musk has claimed for months that Twitter has declined to give him all of the records he has demanded.

McCormick is presumed to decide on this new motion this week.

The judge's short order states that Twitter is now "required to collect, review, and produce documents" from Kayvon Beykpour, the platform's former Head of Consumer Product.

Though Musk's lawyers pressed for documents from a slew of other Twitter employees, McCormick relented only on Beykpour.

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Beykpour, who has spent years leading the consumer-product side of Twitter, beginning as the head of consumer product, is likely to have insight and records on the bot analyses Musk is looking for.

Musk's lawyers reportedly requested information from other employees ranging from mid-level executives to lower-level staff.

McCormick's decision gives Musk a rare victory in the suit that the social media platform lodged last month in an attempt to force Musk to follow through on his agreement to buy the firm for $44 billion.

During the initial hearing, McCormick sided with Twitter, agreeing that its case against Musk could go to trial by October

He sold nearly $7 billion in Tesla shares last week, claiming it was in preparation if he is ordered to acquire Twitter.

Source: Business Insider

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