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​​SpaceX worker injuries rise as Elon Musk races for Mars mission

SpaceX rocket

​​SpaceX worker injuries rise as Elon Musk races for Mars mission

SpaceX workers have faced over 600 previously undisclosed injuries since 2014, an investigation by Reuters reveals.

The probe has found the unsafe conditions are due to CEO Elon Musk’s push for an accelerated Mars mission. 

The report is based on injury logs and public records from SpaceX’s major facilities.

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It reveals the company failed to report much of the injury data in violation of regulatory standards. 

Interviews with current and former employees indicate Musk’s urgency to save humanity from planetary threats has led to increased work deadlines.

It prompted long hours and fast-paced work, contributing to a hazardous environment.

Tom Moline, a SpaceX engineer between 2014 and 2022, told Reuters:

“Elon’s concept that SpaceX is on this mission to go to Mars as fast as possible and save humanity permeates every part of the company. The company justifies casting aside anything that could stand in the way of accomplishing that goal, including worker safety.”

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Among the reported injuries, over 100 workers experienced cuts, 29 suffered broken or dislocated bones, 17 had hands and fingers crushed, and nine sustained severe head injuries. 

Employees claimed SpaceX bypasses safety protocols and product testing in its quest for productivity.

They say this has led to severe consequences, including comas and fatalities.

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The deteriorating workplace safety at SpaceX mirrors the intense competition within the space industry, where the company, valued at over $100 billion, is a major player. 

Despite expectations of going public by 2027, the industry faces challenges with shrinking investments.

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