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Walmart will cut 2,000 roles from its US e-commerce warehouses


Walmart has laid off more than 2,000 workers from its five e-commerce fulfillment centers in the country.

The cuts include more than 1,000 jobs at a Fort Worth, Texas, warehouse.

However, those affected could find other positions within the company.

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The retail giant is also likely to axe nearly 600 jobs at a fulfillment center in Pennsylvania, 400 in Florida, and almost 200 in New Jersey. 

More cuts are about to happen in California.


The company announced staff downsizing at its warehouses last month without disclosing the number of eliminated jobs.

A spokesman said Walmart will continue to expand in some locations as it prepares its stores and fulfillment centers to meet increased online orders.

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That may allow the corporation to reorganize some employees to other roles rather than lay them off.

Hence, the net impact on the overall workforce at Walmart, the nation's largest private-sector employer, remains unclear.

The big box retailer has avoided the huge job cuts at competitor Amazon.

Last month, the Seattle giant shed 9,000 employees on top of the 18,000 recent layoffs.

Source: Bloomberg

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