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Hollywood writers officially end five-month strike

Writers Guild of America union members picket outside CBS Television City

Hollywood writers officially end five-month strike

The Hollywood screenwriters’ strike, which has halted movie and TV productions for nearly five months, is to officially end after a deal was agreed.

This decision comes after the Writers Guild of America (WGA) board unanimously voted to approve the strike-ending deal.

The agreement was announced on Sunday, September 24, with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP).

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AMPTP organization representing studios, streaming services, and production companies in negotiations.

The Writers Guild West wrote on X (formerly Twitter): “Today, our Negotiating Committee, WGAW Board, and WGAE Council all voted unanimously to recommend the agreement. 

“The strike ends at 12:01 am.”

However, the agreed-upon three-year contract extension will still need to be ratified by the full WGA membership.

But the leadership board has lifted the restraining order, allowing writers to return to work during the ratification process. 

Members will cast their votes between October 2 and 9.

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Among the first shows expected to resume are late-night talk shows, which were the first to go dark when writers walked out on May 2. 

“Real Time” host Bill Maher, who initially suspended his HBO show during the strike on September 14, announced the return to work for a Friday night show.

The tentative deal was reached after five intensive days of renewed talks between WGA and AMPTP negotiators, accompanied by studio executives.

It’ll bring several benefits for writers, including increased pay and enhanced health and pension contributions.

They are also eligible for new foreign streaming residuals and streaming bonuses tied to viewership. 

The agreement also assures against AI-related concerns, a pivotal point of contention in the negotiations.

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The 2008 deal that ended the previous writers’ strike, which began in 2007 and lasted 100 days, garnered approval from over 90 percent of union members.

Actors remain on strike

While the Hollywood writers’ strike is closing, actors are still on strike. 

However, the ratified deal with writers may facilitate the Screen Actors Guild to find a resolution with AMPTP. 

Presently, no negotiations are scheduled between the two sides.

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The striking actors have voted to expand their walkout to include the lucrative video game market. 

This strategic move could exert additional pressure on Hollywood studios to reach an agreement with performers responsible for providing voices and stunts for video games.

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