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Free Cleaning And Sanitation Specialist Job Description Template

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This Cleaning and Sanitation Specialist Job Description Template is to help healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and other organizations outline the key roles and responsibilities for this position.

It is designed to attract dedicated professionals who are proficient in maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Simply copy and paste the text below into your own job ads and edit it as you please to fit your requirements.

Cleaning & Sanitation Specialist Job Description Template

Job Title: Cleaning & Sanitation Specialist

Department: Facilities Management and Services

Location: [Add Location]

Salary: [Add Salary]

Reports To: Facilities Manager or Housekeeping Supervisor

Job Overview: Cleaning & Sanitation Specialists are responsible for maintaining a clean, sanitary, comfortable, and tidy environment in either private or commercial properties. Their duties include a range of cleaning activities such as sweeping, mopping, dusting, and polishing, ensuring all rooms and common areas are cared for and inspected according to standards.


  • Clean and sanitize restrooms using established practices and procedures.
  • Clean, dust, and wipe furniture; sweep, mop, or vacuum floors; empty/clean wastebaskets and trash containers; refill restroom dispensers.
  • Assist with the setup of facilities for meetings, classrooms, conferences, events, etc.
  • Use and maintain assigned power equipment and hand tools for the cleaning and general maintenance of floors, walls, carpets, furniture, etc.
  • Follow instructions regarding the use of chemicals and supplies. Use as directed.
  • Perform cleaning and related activities such as removing snow or debris from sidewalks and stairs in areas within sixteen feet of buildings using hand-operated tools or small power equipment.
  • Wash accessible interior and exterior windows. Clean blinds.
  • Support and comply with all safety and health regulations as prescribed by law and company policies.

Key Responsibilities:

  • High school diploma or equivalent preferred.
  • Knowledge of cleaning chemicals and supplies.
  • Familiarity with Material Safety Data Sheets.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Good communication skills and attention to detail.
  • Physical stamina and mobility including the ability to reach, kneel, and bend.
  • Ability to lift, push, and pull required load (usually about 30lbs).

Work Environment:

The role requires indoor environments, including offices, public areas, and residential settings. Flexibility to work in various shifts, including evenings and weekends, may be required to meet organizational needs.

Physical Requirements:

This position demands good physical fitness, which involves standing, bending, kneeling, and lifting up to 30 pounds of heavy objects. The specialist must be capable of performing tasks in different environmental conditions, including working in areas that may be dusty or wet.

This Cleaning & Sanitation Specialist job description template is provided as a general guide and example of typical job duties and qualifications for this position. makes no representations or warranties about the suitability of this template for your specific purposes. It is the responsibility of the user (your client) to customize this template to align with their organization’s specific job requirements, company policies, and compliance with local, state, and federal labor laws. is not a legal or HR expert and as such, recommends consulting with legal or HR professionals to ensure that all job descriptions and employment practices comply with applicable laws and regulations. shall not be liable for any damages, claims, or losses incurred as a result of the use of this job description template, including but not limited to, claims related to employment discrimination, wrongful termination, workplace disputes, or any other employment-related issues.

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