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Wacker expansion in Charleston will create more than 200 new jobs


Wacker has announced plans to expand its Bradley County plant, creating more than 200 new jobs.

The company will invest more than $200 million in the Charleston, Tennessee facility to expand its production.

That fund will be used to expand their new silicone production facilities with hundreds of job opportunities.


Tennessee Governor Bill Lee's office revealed that a feasibility study is currently underway for the first phase of Wacker’s plans to increase manufacturing inside its existing facility in Charleston.

The site leader at Wacker's Bradley County location, Ken Collins has stated that the facility already employs 700 people in the region.


He said: "In the silicones field those are products that go into automotive applications, construction, consumer products, pharma, many different market segments.”

The company is presently trying to hire an additional 50 people, which means that when the new facilities are completed, the facility will employ roughly a thousand people.

Collins added: “These 200 plus jobs would be permanent Wacker employees -- ranging from technical operators, mechanical, electric maintenance workers, to engineers, to leadership roles, and quality the whole gamut and each of these operations would have all of those.”

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The pay might range from the low twenties to the high thirties, depending on the person's expertise.

The new campus would be added to the current one in Charleston.

CEO Christian Hartel said: "“The planned expansion measures in Charleston are a further step toward making Charleston a fully integrated site with closed production loops, and an important prerequisite for accelerating our growth as planned.

WACKER is the world's second-largest silicone producer, and this business is of strategic importance to us."

"Demand for high-performance specialty silicones is showing particularly strong growth. Such specialties enable innovative, tailor-made solutions in key industries such as automotive, construction, electronics and medical technology. By expanding our capacities, we aim to support our customers to the best of our ability."

This is the global chemical R&D and production company's second major development in the region since it opened in Charleston eight years ago.

Source: Local 3 News

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