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Asda will give 115,000 employees a pay rise

Supermarket giant Asda will raise hourly pay rates for store employees to £11 per hour in April and £11.11 per hour in July.

The company has announced a record £141 million investment into pay for its staff, which follows employees getting an eight percent rise in 2022.

All eligible hourly-paid store employees who have worked for Asda for more than three months will receive a 2022 bonus payment.

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This change will be confirmed at the end of February and distributed to co-workers the following month.

Co-owner Mohsin Issa said: "We appreciate the great job that our store colleagues do represent Asda while serving customers day in and day out.


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"We know that rising living costs are affecting customers and colleagues alike and recognise we have a responsibility to support them during these challenging times. This is why we have made a record investment of £141m to increase pay for retail colleagues by 10 percent this year."

Asda made headlines last month when it announced plans to cut nearly 300 jobs and shift over 4,000 employees to lower-paying positions.

The company planned to shift some overnight restocking shifts at 184 of its locations to the daytime.

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If the plans are implemented, 211 night shift manager positions will be at risk.

Asda also stated that the changes will affect 4,137 hourly paid employees, who will have their shift patterns shifted to the daytime and will lose their night shift pay premium of at least £2.52 per hour.

It also revealed a 22 percent reduction in employee hours across the board, with four Post Offices reducing opening hours by approximately 9 percent.

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The proposal will have an impact on 23 salaried Post Office managers and 200 hourly-paid employees.

Meanwhile, it will close seven in-store pharmacies, employing 14 pharmacists and 48 other employees.

Source:  Business Live

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