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Disney expands lawsuit against Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Disney has filed an amended complaint against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for continuing his "retribution campaign" against the company. 

The move comes after DeSantis signed a bill that voids Disney's development deals in Orlando, and the state legislature passed a bill targeting Walt Disney World's monorail system. 

In its updated complaint, the company wrote: “Governor DeSantis and his allies have no apparent intent to moderate their retaliatory campaign any time soon.”

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Disney's original lawsuit launched in April and alleges DeSantis began a war of retaliation against the company in 2022.

It is in response to the entertainment giant’s slamming of the "Don't Say Gay" bill that limits classroom instruction of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Disney's special tax district, known initially as the Reedy Creek Improvement District, has granted self-governance of its Orlando park operations for decades. 

But the governor and his supporters targeted the tax district, with the new board deciding to cancel Disney's development agreements before they took over the old board. 

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DeSantis' board members alleged the contracts were illegally authorized and undermined their authority over the 25,000-acre territory. 

However, Disney claims the contracts were drafted to help seal its long-term development plans as tensions with DeSantis and his team grew.

DeSantis signed a bill that hits Disney's development contracts on Friday, May 5, the final day of the state's 2023 legislative session. 

The bill rules out an autonomous special district "from complying with the terms of any development agreement" reached within three months before a law "modifying the manner of selecting members" of that special district's governing body.

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