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EU warns Elon Musk of Twitter ban if disinformation rules ignored


Europe warns of potential Twitter ban if disinformation rules ignored

Elon Musk has been warned Twitter could face a potential ban in Europe if it fails to follow disinformation rules. 

The warning comes from Jean-Noël Barrot, France’s Digital Minister, who emphasized the importance of following guidelines to combat fake information on social media platforms.

In an interview on France Info, Barrot said: “Disinformation is one of the gravest threats weighing on our democracies.

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“Twitter, if it repeatedly doesn’t follow our rules, will be banned from the EU.”

This development comes after Twitter withdrew from a voluntary rulebook encompassing guidelines for major tech companies, including Meta, Alphabet, and Microsoft. 

Although participation in this code was not mandatory, it aimed to align with the forthcoming Digital Services Act, which will be enforced in August within the European Union.

Elon Musk has consistently highlighted transparency and freedom of expression as key motivations for acquiring Twitter. 

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The billionaire has expressed his intention to serve as a news source and has proposed ideas to combat disinformation. 

One of the measures Musk has introduced is Community Notes, which allows selected Twitter users to add notes providing additional context to specific tweets. 

These notes are visible to all users and help determine the accuracy of the information shared.

Elon Musk has not made any public statements regarding the potential European ban on the platform.

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