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United Airlines faces $1.1 million fine for skipping safety checks

United Airlines

Regulators are hitting United Airlines with a $1.1 million fine for missing pre-flight safety checks on its Boeing 777 aircraft.

The Federal Aviation Administration's investigation dates back to 2018 when it found the airline cut a major safety inspection on the fire warning system in 2018.

The FAA says more than 100,000 Boeing 777 flights have missed pre-flight checklists. 


Flying without these mandatory checks means airplanes did not meet airworthiness requirements.

The agency claims 777s flew without inspections 102,488 times from June 2018 to April 2021.

In April 2021, an FAA safety inspector found United lacked proper safety checks, and it also sent a bulletin to pilots the same day.

Despite that, the regulator alleges six aircraft were permitted to depart without the checks in spite of the issue having been exposed.

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FAA notes this lapse as an intentional violation of aviation regulations.

The aircraft maker said it made the 2018 change to account for “redundant built-in checks performed automatically by the 777″ and that the FAA reviewed the update. 

The airline claimed it immediately changed its procedures when the FAA warned it in 2021 that its maintenance program required pilots to do the inspections.

United has 30 days to submit a formal response to FAA regulators. 

Source: The Washington Post

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