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Elon Musk’s X to charge new users $1 per year

Elon Musk

X, formerly Twitter, now owned by Elon Musk, will introduce a $1 annual fee for new users.

This fee will give them access to key features like tweeting, replying, and quoting, starting with users in New Zealand and the Philippines. 

The company says the move aims to reduce spam and bot activity rather than generate revenue.

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Existing users won’t be affected by this change, and it remains uncertain if or when the payment plan will expand to users in other regions. 

This new approach differs from X Premium, which offers additional features like post "Undo" and "Edit" for $8 per month.

X said: “This new test was developed to bolster our already successful efforts to reduce spam, manipulation of our platform and bot activity, while balancing platform accessibility with the small fee amount. It is not a profit driver.”

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Musk mentioned charging users $1 for access during a live-streamed conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

X also unveiled "Not-a-Bot Terms and Conditions," outlining its paid subscription service.

It allows users to perform certain actions on the platform, including posting content and engaging with other users. 

Musk's vision for turning X into an "everything app" may involve obtaining credit card information to enable in-app purchases.

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However, X has faced considerable turbulence under Musk's leadership, with significant changes, staff layoffs, and more relaxed content moderation policies. 

While Musk defended these changes as a commitment to free speech, some major brands have withdrawn their advertising on X.

Mainly due to concerns about the platform's handling of offensive content.

Musk appointed Linda Yaccorino as CEO of X to rebuild the advertising business and lure back major advertisers. 

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Yaccorino reported that 90 percent of the top 100 advertisers had returned to the platform, with the company nearing the break-even point in operating cash flow. 

Nonetheless, some question Yaccorino's ability to rebuild the advertising business in light of Musk's unpredictable decisions.

When asked about the potential impact on advertising revenue of this new subscription model, Yaccarino replied, “Did he say that or did he say he’s thinking about it?”

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