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Grindr faces massive staff exodus due to strict return-to-office policy

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Grindr faces staff exodus due to strict return-to-office policy

Grindr has seen a major loss of about 45 percent of its workforce due to enforcing a rigorous return-to-office policy. 

The company introduced the policy following the announcement of a unionization plan by most employees.

It mandated employees to work in-person at assigned “hub” offices for two days a week or risk termination.

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The Communications Workers of America (CWA) announced it in a statement on Wednesday, September 6.

Nearly 80 of the 178 employees at the LGBTQ+ dating app company resigned rather than adhere to the policy.

Those unable to relocate were offered severance packages. 

The CWA alleged these actions attempted to stifle workers’ voices regarding their working conditions.

Consequently, the CWA filed a new labor complaint against Grindr – the second complaint within a month.

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Erick Cortez, a member of the organizing group, said: “These decisions have left Grindr dangerously understaffed and raises questions about the safety, security and stability of the app for users.

“It is clear Grindr wants workers to be silenced and deterred from exercising our right to organize, regardless of the expense.”

A company spokesperson said the union’s allegations “have no merit.”

They said it’s “looking forward to returning to the office in a hybrid model in October and further improving productivity and collaboration for our entire team.”

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Grindr CEO George Arison acknowledged further staff attrition would happen due to the policy.

But he said it’ll likely yield financial benefits in the near term. 

He said: “The team will be smaller than where we were before and where we want to be.

“So that’ll obviously impact margin in a positive way in the near term. 

“But I also think that shows that you can have a lot of leverage in this business because you don’t need that big of a team to do the things that we need to do.”

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy recently warned employees that non-compliance with the three-day-a-week in-office work may not be sustainable for some employees. 

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