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UAW members approve labor deals at Ford and Stellantis

UAW strike against Detroit majors in November 2023

Union members at Ford and Stellantis have overwhelmingly voted for their respective labor agreements, ending a months-long labor row.

They secured a more substantial margin of approval than General Motors members and eliminated the possibility of resuming auto strikes due to worker opposition. 

The final votes, revealed on the UAW ratification vote tracker, indicate a 69 percent approval at both Ford and Stellantis, while GM garnered only 55 percent support.

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Although all three automakers' striking workers had returned weeks ago following tentative agreements, notable opposition surfaced among some UAW members. 

Workers at over a dozen GM facilities voted against the deal, with opposition scattered at Ford and Stellantis. 

The Ford Kentucky Truck Plant, the largest factory, experienced opposition, as did three Stellantis facilities.

It includes the Jeep plant in Toledo, Ohio, which initiated the strike on September 15.

Despite weaker support than recent labor contracts, the ratified agreements end potential strikes against Detroit automakers. 

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If any of the companies' members had rejected the deal, the union might have considered sending workers back to the picket line for renegotiations.

Recent labor history highlights instances where union members rejected negotiated deals, leading to more strikes. 

However, in this case, the overwhelming support for the three deals covering 145,000 UAW members signifies a significant outcome.

It concludes the longest auto strike in the 21st century.

The agreements, achieved after simultaneous strikes at all three companies, provide workers with immediate raises of at least 11 percent.

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Additionally, the deal covers additional raises and a return of cost-of-living adjustments, potentially raising wages over 30 percent by 2028. 

The agreement also includes improvements in retirement benefits and job security provisions. 

While emphasizing the record-setting wins for the union, UAW President Shawn Fain acknowledged that not all demands were met.

He noted the restoration of healthcare coverage for retirees and the return of traditional pension plans for those hired since 2007 were unfulfilled.

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