Security Jobs

Senior Network Security Administrator
  • Community Bank System, Inc.
  • 13057 East Syracuse
  • 09/30/2022
Overview: At Community Bank System, Inc. (CBSI), we are dedicated to providing our customers with friendly, personalized, high-quality financial services and products. Our retail division, Comm...   Read more
IT Security Manager m/f/t
  • RWE Supply & Trading GmbH
  • Chicago
  • 09/30/2022
IT Security Manager m/f/t Standort(e): Chicago, IL, US, n/a, Essen, NW, DE, 45141, London, City of London, GB, EC2R 8HP RWE Supply & Trading GmbH To start as soon as possible, Full time, Perm...   Read more
Armed Security Officer
  • Signet Jewelers
  • Akron
  • 09/30/2022
We have many opportunities available on our other career site pages. Click here to link to our careers page! Signet Jewelers is the world's largest retailer of diamond jewelry, operating more t...   Read more
Software QA Security Engineer
  • Field of Talent
  • Washington
  • 09/30/2022
As a QA/Application Security Engineer, you’ll be able to apply your understanding of information security, vulnerabilities in software applications, REST APIs, and experience testing software in SA...   Read more
Entry Level Security Officer- First Shift
  • Star Protection and Patrol
  • 53703 Madison
  • 09/30/2022
Entry Level Security Officer- First Shift Entry Level Security Officer Duties/Responsibilities: Patrols and monitors an assigned area; reports suspicious activities to local authorities Mo...   Read more
Certified Information Security Analyst
  • West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Lewisburg
  • 09/30/2022
The Certified Information Security Analyst will be responsible for daily monitoring of WVSOM systems for intrusion, identification, and management of security vulnerabilities and threats; implement...   Read more
Security Officer
  • Star Protection and Patrol
  • 54915 Appleton
  • 09/30/2022
Security Officer Apply today and gain a rewarding career helping the community! While working in a diverse and inclusive workplace, you will be part of a team. Both full time and part time ...   Read more
Full Time Security Officer
  • Star Protection and Patrol
  • 54911 Appleton
  • 09/30/2022
Full Time Security Officer Apply today and gain a rewarding career helping the community! While working in a diverse and inclusive workplace, you will be part of a team. Both full time and ...   Read more
Resilience Officer (Security)
  • Surefox North America
  • Palo Alto
  • 09/30/2022
Hourly Rate: $27.50 / hour Vaccination Requirement: Proof of fully vaccinated status with regard to COVID-19 in a form specified and/or approved by Surefox. (As Required) Surefox N...   Read more
Seattle Unarmed Security Officer/$1000 Sign-on/$22hr
  • Phoenix Protective Corp
  • 98107 Seattle
  • 09/30/2022
Seattle Unarmed Security Officer/$1000 Sign-on/$22hr We currently have career opportunities for Unarmed Security Officers with Seattle Housing Authority. This position is site specific and is o...   Read more

What's it like to work in security? 

Are you seeking work and have an interest in building a career in security? 

If so, you could be on the hunt for security positions. 

These can be discovered by using a range of methods. 

You may, for instance, search on a job portal, look for new job alerts, scan your local newspaper's job advertisement column, and apply for positions in person by catching a "we're hiring" poster.

Irrespective of what way you choose to seek job openings in the security field, you may be wondering which sites are the right places. In general, which firms are probably recruiting security professionals? 

Shopping Malls:

Shopping centers, as you may be aware, are big structures with a dense concentration of retailers.

It is normal in certain areas for one shopping complex to have hundreds of apparel stores, kid's toy stores, and so on. 

On almost any particular day, flocks of people are likely to visit a single mall. 

This opens the door to a lot of turmoil and uncertainty.

Keeping professionals on duty to help customers, aid law enforcement and more is critical since it offers a safer shopping environment for customers. 

Retail Stores:

A significant proportion of large retail stores employ their own internal security professionals. These individuals are sometimes referred to as "loss prevention officers." The primary responsibility in this area is to guard the store, offer service to customers, and maintain stock levels while monitoring for theft. 

Financial Institutions:

Financial institutions, loan agencies, and other lenders usually have large liquid assets. When this much money is there, security is critical for the money's protection as well as the protection of all staff and customers in the establishment. It's why financial firms regularly employ professionals. 

Security Firms:

While almost every shopping malls, retail businesses, and financial institutions choose to use internally recruited security professionals (who are part of the company personnel), others engage a third-party organization.

Assume a popular author is holding a book signing at a major bookshop. 

This store might not need a security professional all year, but they need one to manage the flood of guests during the signing event. Contracting with a third party is less difficult than hiring permanently for a one-day role. 

Keep in mind that many retailers retain security professionals all year. However, retail establishments experience a significant increase in sales over the holiday seasons like November and December. It is feasible to acquire seasonal duty as a security professional during these months. Picking temporary work is helpful for gaining job experience and looking good on a resume for an upcoming and long-term career in this field. 

Why Are Security Jobs So Popular?

Security is likely one of the fastest-developing businesses and most favored professions. 

There is a lot of opportunity for people who want to work in the security field. 

You can climb from security officer primary level to managerial positions and perhaps the director of security for large organizations. The possibility of security flaws is quite serious in today's environment, irrespective of the size of the organization. 

Scam, theft, and violence in the workplace have all turned out too prevalent.

Security staff are required by almost every company.

The field is also quite diversified, with various demands for different companies.

 Whereas shoplifting is a huge worry in retail establishments, data theft is a very serious risk in data-driven businesses and online shopping. 

Particularly, Healthcare institutions must deal with privacy concerns.

How to start off with Security Jobs?

To start, security services are classed as either proprietary or contract security jobs.

Proprietary security job operations are more common in major corporations when the danger is serious and significant. 

Security officers work for these firms in these positions. 

Several security businesses, on the other hand, offer a wide variety of services such as installing and maintaining security equipment such as access control, tracking encroachment, and surveillance. 

They further offer services by supplying trained security professionals who perform investigations, and risk assessments, aid in the transportation of expensive commodities, offer protection for workers and even build the institution's surveillance system.

How much worth is the Security Jobs Market?

The security employment market is estimated to be over $100 billion, with enormous potential for expansion. 

A variety of courses are available to prepare people for these positions. 

All you have to get started in this field is a state license. 

To pass the licensing stage, you must undergo background checks and get instruction in legal areas such as property law and suspect detection.

Extraordinary self-discipline and an attentive mind are some of the basic skills necessary for a job as a security officer.

As part of this, you must also have a strong mental fortitude, as this is what matters most in times of emergency. 

Aside from the broad job of protecting against crime, fire, and property destruction, a security officer is expected to give testimony, notify the police in an emergency, create security status reports, question informants and witnesses, and prepare reports based on these sessions. In summary, he serves as a property law enforcer.

Security Professional Qualifications - Basic Requirements for Getting Hired

A security professional's job is tough and ever-changing, requiring a varied yet precise skill set to be effective. 

All potential applicants should get acquainted with two sets of qualifications.

 The qualifications and requirements established by the state or federal body giving your license, as well as the formal qualifications and skills that will make you an excellent professional.

Security Professional Qualifications - State Mandated (Unarmed)

Each US state is responsible for modulating and establishing the procedures for persons to apply and enroll for and become certified professionals. 

This also results in varying criteria and credentials for each state; however, a wide set of qualities that are mainly similar across states would be:

●        You should be 18 plus.

●        You should have a clean criminal record.

●        Must be fit mentally, physically, and emotionally.

●        Pass both background checks by the state government and F.B.I.

●        Be capable of completing and passing any state-mandated security training or examinations.

●        Although these criteria are essentially generic, your state may have somewhat different regulations, therefore it's advisable to cross-check the necessary standards for your individual state.

 Security Professional Qualifications - State Mandated (Armed)

Anyone who aspires to become an armed professional must first complete the qualifications for the position and then meet other additional criteria of the state. 

The armed professional standards, like the unarmed professional requirements, vary by state but may include any or all of the following:

●        Capable of obtaining a state weapons license for small guns.

●        Capable of obtaining a permit to carry concealed firearms.

●        Be capable of completing and clearing any further mandatory training sessions or examinations for armed guards.

Security Professional Qualifications - General Requirements

Aside from the standards imposed by the government or agency to become a security professional, there are several additional characteristics or qualities that a professional should possess to be safe and efficient in their job. Some examples of beneficial attributes, professional skills, or credentials include:

●        To be in good physical shape.

●        Being a good communicator.

●        Having a current state driver's license.

●        Capable of standing for long stretches of time.

●        Having a strong memory.

●        Capable of writing reports and effectively describing circumstances for management.

●        Having a commanding, powerful, crisp and clear voice.

Your key individual credentials will fluctuate based on where and with whom you are hired. Before getting even further into the process of becoming a professional, it's vital to verify with the agency giving your professional license or your company for a comprehensive list of the essential data.

Security Professional Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Your job description serves as the initial point of contact with your firm and your new hire. 

With people seeking employment on job portals every month, a good job description might help you attract the best candidates for your available position. 

Here are some useful information on how to draft an impressive description.

Security Professional job title

A good job title should include a generic phrase, the experience level, and any distinct specifications. 

The broad term will enhance your job title so that it appears in a generic search for jobs of a similar kind. 

By specifying the degree of experience and prior knowledge necessary, you will be able to garner the most eligible applications. Also, if your role is specialized, think about incorporating the specialism in the job title. 

However, prevent adding internal titles, acronyms, or abbreviations to ensure that visitors grasp what your job posting is about before they click.

Security Professional

●     Security Guard (5+ Years Experience)

●     Armed Security Guard

●     Security Guard (Full-Time / Part-Time)

●     Security Officer

Security Professional job summary

A strong job description begins with a striking overview of the role and its purpose within your organization. 

Your description should offer a picture of your organization as well as the requirements. List the sorts of tasks and duties necessary for the work so that job applicants may assess whether or not they are fit for the job.

Example of a Security Professional job summary

We're looking for a dependable Security Professional to manage inside and outside security via direct observation and on-site monitors. 

The Security Professional will be liable for greeting facility customers according to company guidelines, assigning the appropriate security badge to each guest, tracking the interior and exterior of the building, ensuring that certain entrances and exits are bolted when they should be, and detailing any wary activity to the police at once. The ideal applicant for this role has security experience and a professional demeanor.

Security Professional responsibilities and duties

The section on roles and responsibilities is the most crucial component of the job description. 

In this part, you should define the duties that this individual will undertake on a routine basis, the way the job operates within the business, and to who the employee will report.

●        Check specific places across the facility on a regular and random basis for security breaches.

●        Use the company's guest regulations to create visitor permits and ensure that each visitor or client is escorted by a staffer before entering the site.

●        During a maintenance emergency, help the maintenance crew in safeguard an area.

●        Work with other members of the company's security team to keep the site secure.

●        Establish an effective and professional connection with the local fire and police agencies.


Security Professional qualifications and skills

Following that, list the necessary and desirable skills for your role. 

Education, past employment experience, certificates, and technical abilities may be included. 

Soft skills and personality attributes that you anticipate from a prospective candidate may also be included. While providing a large list of talents and criteria may be appealing, offering too many may discourage eligible applicants from submitting. 

Maintain a succinct list of qualifications while providing adequate depth with relevant keywords and terminology.

●        A diploma is necessary.

●        Minimum 2 years of experience in the field or a certificate confirming completion of a security course

●        Strong group communication abilities are required.

●        Proven track record of performing successfully under pressure.


10 Tips on Getting a Security Job

It has not been easier to get work in the security industry. 

Most security organizations are often seeking excellent professionals that can meet the demands of their clients and are more customer-focused. 

Getting well-trained, competent, and dependable employees is a typical issue among security companies. 

You will quickly develop a highly appreciated reputation in the security profession if you are properly presented, enthusiastic, use good judgment, and are prompt and reliable.

The following suggestions are intended to help you land a job in the security profession while also increasing your prospects of long-term job stability. 

  • Keep in mind that you are enrolling for uniformed employment and take great pride in the work you are about to do

    Be in possession of a valid security and crowd control permit for the state or territory in which you will be operating.
  • Make sure your First Aid certificate is up to date.
  • Have a professional-looking resume - Put your photo on the main page with professional attire. 
  • Ensure you're not wearing too many accessories, have visible tattoos, or have distinctive piercings.
  • Forward your resume to all of the security firms where you want to join. 
  • You should not wait for them to publicize or advertise. 
  • Make sure to include all of your qualifications in your resume to improve your chances of getting hired.
  1. If you have not heard from the firm within a week, it is recommended that you contact to inquire whether your registration was successful or if any more documentation or confirmation is necessary. 

Maintain regular contact with your security training coach (make sure your qualifications are up to date and current). You need a minimum certificate II to get started in the field. However, a third-level certification will improve your chances of getting a job.

Always wear a professional dress to your interview. 

Bring a copy of your resume, all of your credentials, your security and crowd control permit, your driving license, and any other documents that may help you land a job.

Be confident, but not arrogant, throughout your interview,

Be enthusiastic, listen attentively to the questions before replying, and remember that it is your responsibility to convince the company to pick you above other applicants.

Emphasize your strong points and attributes, such as your firm convictions in loyalty to the company, your eagerness to learn and flourish with the firm, your readiness to be adaptable in different roles, and your beliefs on the significance of customer service, ethical beliefs, and job integrity.

Once you have a job, remember that flexibility and collaboration are vital methods for retaining your job and moving forward in the firm.

It is quite unlikely that you will be given the best or most prestigious roles available at the start. 

These roles are typically offered to employees who have demonstrated loyalty to the organization and have experience.

If you are flexible and take up the jobs that are given to you, irrespective of their significance, your eagerness to learn and offer the same professionalism and quality of service to every role will bring benefits and will not go overlooked by your manager, which can only help your job progression.

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