Receptionist Jobs

Receptionist - Plymouth Family and Internal Medicine
  • Saint Joseph Health System
  • 46563 Plymouth
  • 09/23/2022
Employment Type: Full time Shift: Description: JOB SUMMARY Performs clerical, reception, scheduling and patient financial account functions in the ambulatory care setting. Assists...   Read more
Receptionist - Bookkeeper
  • First Breach
  • 21742
  • 09/26/2022
Proficiency in Quickbooks Proficiency in Microsoft Excel Data entry Recording and Verifying financial transactions Track and maintain Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Und...   Read more
Front Desk Receptionist
  • Bewar Logistic
  • Boston
  • 09/23/2022
An insurance office receptionist provides administrative support to an insurance agency. They perform secretarial duties such as answering phone calls, responding to emails, scheduling appointments...   Read more
  • Employers Pro Advantage
  • Albuquerque
  • 09/23/2022
Employers Pro Advantage Inc. a Native Alaskan Women owned sdb specializing in the placement of highly skilled professionals in Accounting, Finance, IT/MIS and Cleared Federal Government positio...   Read more
Front Office Receptionist
  • Smith Hearing Technologies
  • Springfield
  • 09/26/2022
Front Office Receptionist needed for a local, family-owned business in our Springfield location to work Monday-Thursday, 9am-3pm. The right candidate will have excellent phone etiquette, organizati...   Read more
  • Busby Park Recruiting LLC
  • Los Angeles
  • 09/26/2022
Major law firm in Los Angeles is seeking to hire a Receptionist with exceptional customer service skills. Receptionist must have solid experience using multi-phone lines in a corporate or profess...   Read more
Receptionist/Facilities Coordinator
  • Career Search
  • Wayne
  • 09/26/2022
Receptionist/Facilities Coordinator: Wayne Law firm is looking to hire a Receptionist/Facilities Coordinator to join their team Duties would include: answ...   Read more

What's it like having a receptionist job? 

No other profession may demand the specific set of specialized abilities that receptionists need. Particularly in contemporary commercial environments, not everyone can work as a receptionist. Businesses now recognize how crucial having highly competent and professional front office personnel is. The front-facing fellow employees of a company are the receptionists.

Therefore, when marketers post positions for receptionists, they are seeking people with a certain set of attributes that will best represent them to their clients, business partners, shareholders, and any other staff members of the public who will visit their place of business.

On the one hand, because practically every business is hiring some, this recent fad has made it simple to find receptionist positions that are a suitable good company match. On the other side, you must cleverly position yourself so that you appear to have the abilities necessary for a modern receptionist in order to be qualified for any of the posted receptionist jobs.

Let's focus on the type of cover letter you should submit when applying for receptionist positions, as well as what the letter should contain. 

To begin with, make sure your entire name, date, address, and phone number are included in the letter. then begin drafting the letter itself. Include in your application letter the abilities required for the position of receptionist that is highlighted in the job description in the job ads.

Explain why you are a good fit for those talents in a very positive way. Your letter should start with a synopsis of your qualifications and professional background. However, avoid using extensive descriptions. Just make it succinct and to the point, as being succinct in one's communication is a critical ability for a receptionist. Additionally, it's critical to indicate your availability for an interview.

The employment reference number is one of the most common elements of a job application that is both evident and ignored. Keen attention to detail and the capacity to recognize and take official messages appropriately are essential skills for individuals looking for receptionist positions. Therefore, right below the opening line, please insert the job reference number provided.

The recipient's name should always be included in cover letters for positions as receptionists. Try to find out the name of the reception area officer. You ought to address your letter, for instance, to Dear Mrs. X or Mr. Y.

Another important talent for receptionists is the capacity to learn, retain, and utilize people's names. This will increase your appeal to employers. After using the name, end the sentence with "Yours truly." However, if "Dear Sir/Madam" is used as the opening salutation, close the letter with "Yours truly."

Your application letters for receptionist employment must always be well-written, tidy, and devoid of errors. They should also be printed on high-quality paper. That conveys your suitability to serve as an organization's face.

Finding Good Receptionist Jobs

Even while receptionist employment may not be as common these days, they are one of the most popular jobs, they do exist. Some businesses have discovered a method to employ an automated system in place of having an appropriate person answer all incoming phone calls, but other businesses still place a high value on having humans answer customer inquiries or every phone call personally and welcome visitors to their premises.

Secretaries no longer exist-  The front desk replaces them.

Today, they go by the title of administrative task assistants. Although some workers with receptionist professions go by the same title, usually in the front desk duties the primary responsibility is to handle phone calls and in-person visitors. Occasionally, receptionist positions may become available in a smaller, neighborhood business (that is not a retail location). These are excellent places to begin. Larger businesses in your neighborhood could also have them, but it will be more difficult to locate them. Receptionists frequently change jobs because, if they are valuable, they are rapidly fired or promoted. However, in larger businesses, a good one is difficult to come by and they pay them much to keep them. Start small and then gauge your progress.

These days, if you really want to search for receptionist employment, you need to know more than just how to handle a phone system. 

In actuality, the majority of businesses do not mind if you are familiar with using their convoluted phone system because they will train you to do it on your own. 

However, you do need to learn how to operate the majority of the main business software that is used today as well as how to operate a computer. Knowing these things or finding a business course they can enroll in that will educate them on what they really need to know may provide those looking for receptionist employment an advantage.

A strong applicant for receptionist positions has a wealth of interpersonal communication skills. 

Both in-person and over the phone, they know how to make everyone feel welcome. They also know how to maintain their composure if a caller becomes agitated. 

It might not be the ideal decision for you to work as a receptionist if you are genuinely swayed or become quite angry when someone gets angry. 

You can succeed in this area of work if you can maintain your composure and keep in mind that, despite appearances, an angry person on the phone isn't usually upset with you and has to be handled by someone else.

Where is the greatest employment for receptionists to be found? 

It depends on where you live. 

You might check with nearby businesses to see if anyone is hiring or search results or terms in your local classifieds for leads. 

Go to the local state employment bank if there is one to see if you can discover anything there. Going online to the numerous employment sites that feature openings in your region is another way to use the most trustworthy source for new job posts. There, you may learn more about the position, the knowledge requirements, and the application process.

Skill Sets Required for Receptionist Jobs

The job duties and goals of a receptionist position might differ depending on the location and the business' requirements. In essence, a receptionist manages the organization's visitors, takes calls, schedules appointments for guests, and manages other activities and interpersonal connections.

The Job Functions of a Receptionist

Receptionists are employed by almost every sort of business, including spas, hospitals, and salons. They serve as the company's first point of contact with clients. They manage client information, schedule appointments, and respond to consumer questions sometimes reporting directly to the management. They are frequently required to manage the clients' payments and paperwork as well.

Desirable Skill Sets for Receptionists

Since receptionists must manage communication and consumer calls, many organizations favor high school diplomas or graduates from reputable schools or colleges for the position. 

They should have strong interpersonal skills, a neat appearance, and an alluring attitude. An extra benefit will be having computer abilities. Since they deal with all sorts of individuals all day, they have to be able to maintain their cool and patience without being agitated by the circumstances. Numerous organizations provide online degree programs in receptionist classes, which, if you successfully complete them, can get you a respectable career.

Scope for Promotion

Any receptionist plays a significant function in any corporation since they are intimately familiar with its operations. Their efforts will be noted since they are frequently in contact with the top management; those who do well can advance to more responsible jobs higher up the hierarchy, such as secretarial or administrative assistants some may get even tuition reimbursement for their children.

The demand for receptionists will increase more quickly than that for any other occupation. More positions are generated as new firms are founded. The automation process does not affect this position because receptionist roles mostly require interpersonal skills. In addition to their pay, most receptionists receive benefits including paid time off, health insurance, and financial aid for their kids' education.

If you have a pleasant disposition and strong interpersonal abilities, you would be a fantastic receptionist. Due to the optimistic state of the industry, there will likely be an increase in employment vacancies in the upcoming years.  

Key Qualities of a Great Receptionist

There is a need for receptionists in practically every kind of company from medical receptionists to retail offices. 

Receptionists who are very well and appropriately qualified are in high demand nowadays.  Days ago, you can progress to becoming a fantastic receptionist if you acquire the necessary abilities in due time. 

You can efficiently prepare for this occupation when you are informed of the traits that constitute a successful receptionist. Some positions are available for a short time and paid per hour others are full-timers paid the compensation per year.

Organizational Skills

A receptionist has a fairly autonomous profession. 

To make sure that everyone is on time, they must keep a watch on the workforce or employees. Your main goal should always be to improve your organizing abilities if you want to be a superb receptionist.

Time Management Skills

In a company, receptionists are responsible for a variety of duties. They are in charge of ranking things according to their importance. 

You won't be able to complete the range of jobs that need doing on a regular basis so until you learn how to manage your time effectively.

Communication Skills

Receptionists must communicate clearly whether speaking on the phone or in person. They are also in charge of welcoming visitors to an organization who are clients or consumers. 

As a result, the ability to communicate effectively in both written and spoken forms is essential for the profession.

Administrative Skills

Receptionists do administrative support duties in addition to dealing with clients and greeting customers or visitors. 

Receptionists may be required by an organization to look after office supplies and equipment they are also other responsible for office security in some cases. Therefore, you should improve your administrative skills as soon as possible.

Language Skills

There are receptionist positions accessible all throughout the world. You should also concentrate on your language abilities if you intend to work overseas. 

Professionals who are bilingual stand a better chance of finding employment. 

Thus, learning a foreign language can improve your employability.

Multi-tasking Skills

Multi-tasking is among the most crucial work abilities for a receptionist. 

A front desk receptionist will have a variety of daily responsibilities to manage when working for a company on the reception desk. Therefore, it's crucial to avoid causing confusion when multi-tasking by doing so effectively. They are also in charge of administrative and clerical tasks.

Listening Skills

Not only are receptionists skilled communicators, but they are also attentive listeners. You may need to listen respectfully and intently to a client or customer, depending on the circumstances. Consequently, it's critical to enhance your listening abilities as well.

You may concentrate on these talents and improve them as much as you can now that you are informed of the fundamental characteristics a good receptionist should have. The most important factor while trying to find a job as a receptionist is always your talents. Start preparing right away!

Acquire the Skills

It doesn't take years of school to acquire the abilities needed for careers as a receptionist - Some take just one year. 

All you need is a nice phone voice, the ability to communicate well on the phone and in person, light typing and file abilities, and the ability to speak with people. You should be prepared to apply for the majority of part-time receptionist positions if you work on improving your professional manner while you are on the phone and educate yourself on excellent customer service techniques.

Cover Letter - Why You Should Write Your Own

Getting an example receptionist cover letter is simple and can be done from a number of places, including books, magazines, and the internet. Copying the complete model cover letter and using it as your own is simple for those looking for employment as receptionists. 

The majority of job seekers who use this tactic believe they could get away with it. 

But the reality is more complicated than this.

Every position, from a secretary or concierge to the chief executive officer or CEO, necessitates that the applicant presents a compelling argument for why he or she is qualified for the post in order to be hired. The successful job applicant must set up an interview appointment before being interviewed, which is eventually how he or she will be able to present his or her case. This can only be accomplished by appealing to the company with a strong cover letter.

Most job seekers who get job alerts for receptionist positions to believe that examples of receptionist cover letters are flawless and error-free. 

In fact, some example receptionist cover letters contain obvious exaggerations or grammatical problems. 

Grammatical mistakes are simple to correct, particularly if you are skilled at language use and proofreading.

The issue is when you use blatant exaggerations that are hard to pull off in real life. 

Some people who utilize example cover letters, whether it's for a career as a receptionist or for another one, frequently use cunning strategies like lying or inflating about their credentials, abilities, talents, and/or prior employment.

Example receptionist cover letters often seem the same. As their name implies, sample letters are general and generic. 

They should not be presented to employers as the actual documents, but rather as only samples or guidelines. They cover the same ground. There's a chance that an equal opportunity employer may question an applicant's trustworthiness if they see anything that another candidate has utilized. 

Both applicants will come out as unimaginative and lazy to the employer, which will prevent either of them from being hired.

Pre-written, primed receptionist cover letters have the unique personal touch that only really original ones may have. The credentials of their readers are unknown to those who produce sample cover letters.

As a result, people who consistently utilize the very same cover letters limit how they introduce themselves to potential employers.

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