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Hunting for the USPS Jobs? Here’s Our Top Tip

The United States Postal Service is an autonomous agency of the US government in charge of postal service throughout the country. In a recent study by, USPS employs nearly 644,000 people in 300 job categories all around the country in 35,000 post offices, branches, stations, and community post offices. The most demanded position at the USPS is on rural routes. Though operating for the federal government, its employees are not regarded as government employees. Instead, they are designated as postal workers.

Working with the USPS is appealing because of the variety of roles available, the potential for growth, and generous retirement benefits. Furthermore, even in entry-level positions, USPS workers will discover that their pay considerably surpasses the national minimum wage. The USPS is a highly desired workplace because of its many benefits. Post office jobs are ideal for high school students, college students, and senior citizens seeking an opportunity to work in the evenings or on weekends.

What are the Services Offered by USPS?

USPS provides various services, including priority, express, and first-class mail, as well as worldwide mail and shipment. You may deliver anything from where you are to anywhere. You may also order mailing materials such as forms, postal labels, and stamps. You can also track and verify your mail or parcels with the US Postal Service. You can check the delivery status by typing the receipt number on their official website. 

Top USPS Jobs

Currently, the US Postal Service is hiring for a variety of roles. It is continually recruiting for full-time, part-time, and seasonal positions. The first appointments for USPS jobs are either temporary or part-time job roles

We have listed below the top 6 USPS jobs by job title.


Postmasters are responsible for distributing mail to carriers when the contract mandates carriers to deliver the mail. The postmaster’s job also includes assuring the oversight of Stamps by Mail processes to meet service standards and efficiently deal with variations. They should ensure that carriers serving rural routes have an adequate supply of stamp stock and PS forms to suit the demands of the route’s customers.

Motor Vehicle Operator

Motor Vehicle Operators will operate a mail truck on a regularly scheduled route in all weather conditions. You will need to pick up, load, carry and deliver moderate to heavy mail and packages. This position requires a commercial driver’s license.

Sales & Services Associate

Sales & Services Associate will drive a postal truck on a regularly planned route in all weather conditions. You will be responsible for picking up, loading, carrying, and delivering moderate to heavy mail and parcels. A commercial driver’s license is required for this profession.

Carrier Assistant

Carrier Assistant delivers and picks up mail on foot or by vehicle along the specified route. This is very similar to a mailman’s job. Your strong customer relations skills and general awareness of your region’s postal rules, regulations, and products are essential.

Mail Processing Clerk  

The Mail Processing Clerk is responsible for sorting outgoing and incoming mail using either automated technology or manually. You must organize the essential support equipment and resources for sorting.

How to Apply for Post Office Jobs

USPS employment application has to be completed online by visiting the post office jobs official website To start a USPS career, log in to their application system called USPS eCareers. Don’t waste time on other sites for USPS job searches. You will need to create a profile and take a pre-screening test depending on the USPS job position you applied for. The postal exam is a set of examinations to assess your understanding of work abilities such as arithmetic, general knowledge, and reasoning. Following this, you will receive an email with instructions on the next steps. 

USPS Job Benefits

US Postal workers can avail benefits such as low-cost life insurance and many, vacation, and sick leave allowances. They can choose to contribute to a 401K Thrift Savings Plan. Postal workers are also entitled to additional pay, overtime, and a night shift difference. A Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) is applied to employees’ basic salaries at the rate of one cent per hour for every four points increase in the Consumer Price Index.

USPS Job Salary

Employees on Part-Time Flexible are paid by the hour which varies based on the position’s rate schedule. Depending on your grade, hourly pay rates range from $15.30 to $35.87. During summer, college students may be considered for casual USPS postal jobs. The wage per hour for post office jobs has risen to more than $12.00. 

Summary of USPS Jobs

USPS employees are a vital component of society since they handle about 40 percent of the country’sposition’s mail. Because they are the second-largest employer in the US, USPS positions are in high demand. The duties sometimes demand carrying large parcels and standing on the feet for long periods. If you are eager to build a career, frequently visit their careers website for USPS openings. The US postal service jobs never charge a fee to take a test or apply for a job. Don’t be fooled by advertisements that provide US postal jobs and demand payment for their services.

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