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Medical Assistant
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
  • 02298 Boston
  • 09/27/2022
Department Description: The Division of Podiatric Surgery at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center provides high quality, advanced foot and ankle care in a compassionate environment, both in Bost...   Read more
Medical Assistant
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
  • 02173 Lexington
  • 09/27/2022
Department Description: Busy outpatient BIDMC Specialties office with a wide variety of specialty consults and services including Allergy, Cardiology, ENT, GI/Liver, Neurology, Orthopedics, Podi...   Read more
Medical Assistant WellMed at Seguin TX
  • UnitedHealth Group
  • Seguin
  • 09/26/2022
Do you have compassion and a passion to help others? Transforming healthcare and millions of lives as a result starts with the values you embrace and the passion you bring to achieve your life’s...   Read more

What's it like to be a medical assistant? 

You should concentrate your efforts on developing a profession as a medical assistant for a variety of reasons.

The medical assistant career is quite demanding and requires a great deal of commitment and accountability, but it also offers numerous financial and personal rewards.

Medical assistants unquestionably perform a variety of important responsibilities in medical offices, and they have long been seen as important contributors to the healthcare sector

By actively engaging in the continuous patient preventive care process and focusing your efforts on enhancing the patients' health, this front desk job gives you the chance to provide a very essential service to society.

Unlike other occupations in the healthcare industry, being a medical assistant requires a lot of connection and communication—both with the patients directly supervising and with other medical staff members. 

As a medical assistant, you have the chance to give patients with a lot of emotional support in addition to acting as their primary healthcare provider

The career option is regarded as being particularly difficult due to its prominent degree of engagement with people; it requires a wide variety of practical and theoretical skills, solid decision-making abilities and good communication skills. 

Being a medical assistant may be quite demanding, but it can also be incredibly rewarding.

 The medical assistant job is not only honorable and philanthropic, allowing practitioners to provide an essential service to humanity by guaranteeing patients' wellbeing, but it is also extremely rewarding and secure financially. 

Fully certified medical assistants could make more than $40,000 annually, although unskilled medical assistants may start off with a $20,000 yearly pay.

The need for medical assistants is now quite high and is anticipated to increase in the upcoming years as a result of the healthcare industry's continual development and expansion, making the job a solid and secure one on a professional level. 

Aside from having excellent opportunities for advancement in the medical industry, well-trained medical assistants can also pursue careers in administration or medical technology.

It's crucial to prioritize your professional training if you want to realize your ambition of being a capable medical assistant. 

Remember that getting the right medical assistant education is essential for certification and obtaining the necessary credentials quickly. 

The initial goal of training for entry-level medical assistants is to acquaint you with the fundamentals. Later on, it will aid you in expanding your knowledge and gaining additional information and developing the necessary practical abilities.

Attending a top-notch medical assistant training program at a well-known medical assistant school is the greatest way to guarantee a stable career in the profession. The program faculty will hone your medical assistant abilities and establish yourself as a real expert in your field by enrolling in a reputable medical assistant school. 

Your chances of acquiring your preferred certifications and accreditations on your first attempt will be significantly increased by the medical assistant mentoring you will receive in a highly regarded medical assistant school, enabling you to quickly erect the foundations of a promising career.

 You will learn the domains of this profession after effective training.

There are several medical assistant programs available, each with unique benefits and drawbacks. 

The key to choosing the best medical assistant school for you is to seriously reconsider the level of professional training you want to obtain and to evaluate the resources you have access to. 

Long before you begin taking classes at a particular medical assistant school, you should be clear on how much time, money, and effort you are willing to devote to your medical assistant training. 

For instance, some medical assistant programs provide the effect of giving students to graduate more quickly than others, even if they may offer equivalent credentials.

It is extremely vital to conduct some research before selecting the best educational program for you in order to learn exactly what to anticipate from a certain type of medical assistant training provided by a specific medical assistant school. 

After choosing a medical assistant training program course, you need to stay motivated and put in a lot of effort to meet your predetermined goals. 

While certain medical assistant college degrees and training programs may be better than others and more well-known than others, your drive, commitment, and skill will ultimately determine how successful your medical assistant job is.

Numerous reasons contribute to the increased demand for medical assistant positions. 

Clinical and administrative activities are included in the training of medical assistants (MAs). 

They can multitask as a result, which is quite advantageous for companies, especially small firms. 

Due to the risk of medical malpractice lawsuits, if they hire individuals without formal training or certification, companies also choose certified medical assistants. 

These are all very good justifications for the current high demand for medical assistant positions.

In fact, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that the employment of medical assistants would increase by 34 percent through 2018. 

According to the BLS, the U.S. health care sector is one of the top industries growing as a result of population increase, aging, and the rising incidence of diseases like diabetes and obesity. 

Why there is a projected growth rate in the number of medical administrative or assistant employment in the near future is due to the rising need for high-quality, affordable healthcare. 

You can refer occupational outlook handbook to know more about this career field.

Medical Assistant Training And Certification

A medical assistant is a qualified clinical worker in the medical industry. The duties and requirements of a medical assistant include administrative and clinical tasks that support medical practitioners and other healthcare workers. 

You need to possess a variety of qualities in order to function well as a clinical assistant, including being patient, encouraging, a good listener, understanding, and able to interact with individuals from all backgrounds.

These assistants' tasks frequently combine administrative and therapeutic tasks. 

Answering the telephone, setting appointments, calling prescriptions to a pharmacy on doctor's orders, keeping track of finances, filing and updating patient medical charts, trying to fill out insurance forms and calling the insurance provider to confirm the patient's insurance is valid, billing for medical services, and making arrangements for hospitalizations and laboratory services are all included in the administrative duties.

The patient's medical history and other information are taken, vital signs like blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and respiration are measured, laboratory specimens are collected and prepared, and medication is prepared and administered by giving injections and first aid to the patient as administered by the doctor, blood is drawn for further testing, medical safety equipment is sterilized and wrapped, authorizing drug refills, electrocardiograms are taken, and the patient is prepared for performing basic laboratory tests like x-rays.

Both many career high schools and certain universities offer the training programs needed for this career. Depending on the full timetable, the curriculum can be completed in one to two years. 

Some medical assistants also receive on-the-job training. 

You'll often discover that some qualified nursing assistants receive on-the-job training to work as medical assistants, especially in hospitals.

A high school diploma or a GED is required to apply for a medical assistant training program. 

The accredited program offers a variety of classes, including Computer Medicine Application Laboratory, Urinalysis, Chemical engineering and Hematology Laboratory, Surgical Asepsis and Pharmacology Laboratory, Electrocardiogram, Diagnostic imaging and PT Laboratory, Typing, Medical Terminology, Physiology, File Procurement Laboratory, Word Processing Applications, Interpersonal Abilities, and Medical Office Administration.

The assistant will need to obtain certification after completing the curriculum. 

The certification serves as evidence that the individual has attained a particular level of competence. Although it is not required, hiring health care professionals frequently search for assistants who have certification. 

Anyone interested in this career would thus be advised to get certified.

The certification is provided by several organizations.

The American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) and the American Medical Technologists (AMT) are two of the commissions on accreditation. You can also work in this field with a certificate from the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP).

Candidates who have passed and graduated from authorized training programs or are about to graduate from them are eligible to take the test offered by the American Association of Medical Assistants. 

The candidate will become a Certified Medical Assistant after passing the certification test (CMA).

Medical assistants can register with the American Medical Technologists. 

He or she becomes a Registered Medical Assistant after earning AMT certification (RMA). 

This certification is available to fresh graduates as well as to individuals who have worked as medical assistants for more than five years and have received on-the-job training.

Types of Medical Administrator and Assistant Employment

Medical administrative assistants perform a variety of routine clinical and administrative duties to keep the practice running efficiently in outpatient care centers. 

In smaller offices, they do a variety of tasks. 

In bigger ones, they could be tasked with certain assistant medical occupations. 

Important documents including insurance paperwork and medical data are managed by these medical assistants. 

For patients, they coordinate lab work and hospital admissions. 

Other administrative duties could vary from taking phone calls, scheduling appointments, managing records, and handling invoices.

Clinical medical assistants and administrators collect medical histories, take and record vital signs, describe treatments, and get patients ready for exams in particular rooms.

They might also support doctors as they do patient examinations. Their duties could involve helping doctors educate more patients about drugs, as well as preparing patients and giving them the right prescriptions. Depending on state legislation, their obligations change.

Some examples of specialist medical administrator or assistant employment are podiatrist assistants, ophthalmology assistants, and optometrist assistants

Medical assistants do specialized office or clinical tasks for which they have received training.

An ophthalmic assistant, for instance, helps ophthalmologists by doing diagnostic exams, providing and changing eye dressings, and instructing patients on how to wear and take care of contact lenses.

Tips for Finding the Best Medical Assistant Jobs

Medical administrator or assistant jobs should be simple to come by, in theory. 

In strict terms, no formal schooling is necessary for medical assistants, despite the fact that there is a significant demand for them. Some physicians are prepared to employ and educate recent high school grads to work as medical assistants.

The truth is that having some sort of degree either bachelor’s or associate's or training is better if you want to find better medical admin or assistant positions. Enlisting in a medical administrator or assistant program at a junior college, community college, or vocational school might boost your chances of landing a decent career.

The next step after successfully completing a course is certification by a national organization, such as the Association of Medical Technologists (AMT) or the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). Your chances of being employed are increased by certification.

The Top Reason Why Assistant Medical Jobs Are in High Demand

Not only is there more employment for medical assistants since they are skilled in a wide range of responsibilities. 

They are crucial to practice because they give patients emotional support and the "personal touch" in a clinical setting. 

In the doctor's office, they make people feel comfortable. 

In spite of the fact that they may not completely grasp the medical jargon the doctor employs, patients are frequently reluctant to ask doctors "silly" questions since they know how busy they are. Medical assistant positions are in high demand because MAs help doctors and patients communicate more effectively.

How Much Is the Medical Assistant Salary?

The years of experience, formal educational background, and work experience, as well as the medical institution where a medical associate works, will all affect the typical medical assistant wage. 

Overall, the profession has the potential to be incredibly meaningful and rewarding, especially if you enjoy caring for the sick.

General Guide to Medical Assistant Salary

A health assistant's annual compensation typically ranges from $29,100 to $50,000, based on the critical elements indicated above. 

The highest compensation among medical professionals may be anticipated for a more seasoned medical assistant.

Only 10 percent of today's Health Associates are eligible for the upper end wage range, according to The majority of the highest paid healthcare professionals work in private hospitals and doctor's offices. When it comes to hourly wages, the national average is $14.50.

Top 10 Highest Medical Assistant Salaries by State

Here are the top ten states that pay the highest medical assistant salary (per hour):

1. California - $22

2. Idaho - $21.66

3. District of Columbia - $21.36

4. Connecticut - $20.36

5. Massachusetts - $20.08

6. New Jersey - $20.06

7. Alaska - $19.67

8. Rhode Island - $19.53

9. Delaware - $19.18

10. Washington - $19.04

A medical associate who is just beginning their career in the field may expect to make roughly $20,000 a year. The starting salary for a freshly qualified health care worker in other desirable places for a health assistant job, such as Washington, DC, is about $33,000 a year.

Other Major Benefits

Medical or health care assistants can benefit from additional job perks in addition to the regular monetary pay for their occupation, such as the following:

• Health advantage

• Advantages of continuing education

• Paid time off, Sick time; and Travel Allowance

  • Payment of a pension; insurance
  • Taxes and additional business bonuses 

Medical Associate / Assistant Salary Based on Company Size

As previously said, your income may vary depending on the various other healthcare facility or the size of the organization you work for. 

With that in mind, the remuneration is often greater in larger companies. If we compare salaries by firm size, it would look like this, according to payscale:

1 to 9 workers: $19,000 to $36,000

10 to 49 workers, between $18,000 and $42,000

$50 to 199 staff members; $17,000 to $46,000

200 to 599 workers, paying $19,000 to $40,800

600 workers, 1999, between $19,000 to $41,000.

Employees 2000–4999: $21,000–$49,000

In the next five to ten years, it is anticipated that the health care sector will grow more rapidly. 

You will have a greater chance of beginning a career with a consistent rise of employment and income expectations if you are considering pursuing this sort of healthcare profession.

Medical Associate / Assistant Career Improvement

You need to pursue education to broaden your knowledge and abilities so that you become an important employee, which will boost your Health Care pay and value to the organization you work for.

You may begin by registering for certification courses that can advance your profession and enhance your résumé. The United States has four well-known prominent organizations that offer health care assistant training and certification programs.

They are:

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA)

• Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)

• National Certified Medical Assistant (NCMA)

• Registered Medical Assistant (RMA)

What Are the Major Responsibilities of Medical Assistants?

The job description may vary from one medical facility to another. But some of the common tasks of a Health assistant include the following below:

For administrative tasks

• Schedule patient appointments

• Fill out insurance forms

• Arrange for hospital admission

• Handle correspondence for patients

• Keep medical records properly updated

Clinical tasks

• Record medical histories

• Explain clinical treatment procedures

• Take and monitor vital signs

• Instruct and administer medications

• Sterilize medical instruments

• Take electrocardiograms

• Draw blood

• Prepare the patient for X-rays

• Remove sutures

Again, depending on the state or the particular services provided by the institution you are working in, clinical responsibilities for health care assistants may change. Your responsibilities will be determined by those specialties if you work in a medical practice that does. Being more adaptable and prepared is crucial in this regard.

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